How does repeat delivery work?

Schedule regular deliveries of your RINSE with Repeat Delivery for convenience and exclusive savings—including up to 20% off and always free shipping. It’s easy to subscribe!

  • Shop eligible items on
  • Select your Repeat Delivery frequency
  • Set your schedule

How do I figure out how often I should have a delivery?

We recommend estimating how much RINSE per day (1 tablespoon of RINSE twice daily = approximately 14 day supply per RINSE bottle) and multiply by 2 to find out how much you will use each month. Adjust the frequency of your Repeat Delivery any time, if needed.

Can I change often I have my deliveries?

Yes! Go to My Account and select the subscription you would like to change. You can Skip, Pause, Cancel or change the date of your subscription at any time.

Can I change the items in my repeat delivery?

Yes! You can add one-time items to your subscription, and they will ship free with your Repeat Delivery order. To add a new item to your subscription permanently, you must create a new subscription. To receive all subscriptions at the same time, go to Manage your Subscription and select the same delivery dates.

What happens if the item is out of stock?

We’ll send an email to notify you that your item isn’t available. Contact us if you need help, at