Dr. Steven R. Fox

Dr. Fox is a premier dentist in the United States.

He has transformed the smiles of some of the world’s best-known public figures.

“ORALOGICA fills a significant unmet need in oral care: natural and organic mouthwash that is not only effective but enjoyable to use. Many consumers assume there is no alternative to the harsh and heavily marketed options lining the mouthwash aisles. Now with ORALOGICA, the health-minded can avoid the many ingredients used in mainstream brands, and instead harness the many benefits of natural oils, whose efficacy has been known for centuries.”

Dr. Fox, in partnership with the United States Government and the American Dental Association, has developed many of the products used in oral care today. He is nationally and internationally recognized for revolutionizing oral care. These products have eased the burden of dental disease (the most common disease known to mankind), all over the world. Dr. Fox and his team developed 17 patents and patents pending transforming dental care.

He served on the faculties of The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, The NYU School of Dentistry, and as an Officer of Harvard University, Dr. Fox was honored by Senators, with the United States Medal of Freedom and was the recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for developing dental products.

For more information on Dr. Fox please go to www.drstevefox.com.