ORALOGICA’s powerful cleaning RINSE is not like any other mouthwash on the market. ORALOGICA’s great-tasting RINSE brings natural goodness to one’s life without the added stabilizers, thickeners and artificial flavors contained in every one of its competitors. The oral care products are made with the safest, high-quality ingredients, packaged using the eco-friendliest materials available, and address each consumer’s unique needs.

Some of the harmful chemicals contained in competitors’ products arise from the need to have surfactants which enable materials such as water, oils, fats and solvents to mix together that otherwise would not be able to do so due to their incompatible molecular properties.

ORALOGICA products do not need to use surfactants due to its patent pending technology which allows the essential oils to combine with distilled water and xylitol without the need for surfactants. This breakthrough technology allows the ORALOGICA products to eliminate all harmful substances currently used in EVERY other mouthwash brand on the market today including those that label themselves “Organic” and “Natural”.

YOU deserve the best. ORALOGICA RINSE is the first and only mouthwash in the world:

Without stabilizers, thickeners and/or harmful chemicals.

That provides 100% of the daily recommended allowance of Xylitol by the American Dental Association.

Formulated by a clinical pharmacist who understands the physiology of your body.

That contains essential oils which are bottled in glass.