Our Products

ORALOGICA is the first organic personal care product company created from a passion to change the world by providing you and your family with superior organic oral care products that are healthy and effective.

Our products are free from harmful chemicals, alcohol, surfactants and free of artificial flavors and colors. Our patent-pending breakthrough technology allows the ORALOGICA products to naturally eliminate the need for all harmful ingredients currently used in other toothpaste and mouthwash brands that you are buying today including those that label themselves “Organic” and “Natural”.

In fact our products are packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles, the only way to maintain the efficacy of the organic essential oils. We are the only glass packaged oral rinse or toothpaste on the market.

YOU deserve the best. ORALOGICA is the first and only oral care company in the world that:

Replaces harmful chemicals with organic vitamins and organic minerals that help to replenish and restore.

Is formulated by a clinical pharmacist who understands the physiology of your body.

Uses organic essential oils bottled in glass to preserve the oils and helps save our environment.