About Us And Why It Matters!

ORALOGICA is the first organic personal care product company created from a passion to change the world by providing you and your family with superior organic oral care products that are healthy and effective.
Our products are free from harmful chemicals, alcohol, surfactants and free of artificial flavors and colors.
Our patent-pending breakthrough technology allows the ORALOGICA products to naturally eliminate the need for all harmful ingredients currently used in EVERY other toothpaste and mouthwash brand that you are buying today including those that label themselves “Organic” and “Natural”.
In fact our products are packaged in environmentally friendly black glass bottles, the only way to maintain the efficacy of the organic essential oils. We are the only glass packaged oral rinse or toothpaste on the market.

David Dolezal

ORALOGICA Founder & Chief Inventor


David’s Story:
I know that there is always a better way to build upon what has been accomplished

Since the tender age of 14 and growing up on a horse farm in Minnesota, I have been fascinated with inventing things that make life better. As I got older and joined the military as a civil engineer my main job was to maintain the bases and solving problems. That was an unbelievable experience that allowed me to become a general contractor and inspired to solve all types of problems.

As a contractor, I noticed that day after day, and year after year pestering workers to wear face masks was going nowhere. I had the opportunity to team up with a 3M engineer to create filtration products, as well as products infused with essential oils for sleep, nausea, headaches and even snoring. The result was the securing over 30 patents across the globe, and starting a company that eventually went public.

My life journey of continuous learning enabled me is to travel throughout Europe as well as the Pacific Rim to study how different cultures use different herbs and creams. This inspired me to take this knowledge and experience and apply it to develop better oral care products. The magic in ORALOGICA is not only the proprietary mixing of essential oils and water, but also partnering with Brad and working with one of the leading Clinical Pharmacists worldwide. Brad’s view of how certain properties and chemicals mix or don’t mix, combined with the essential oils combinations is at the heart of ORALOGICA. I am pleased to team with Brad, and Mindi’s passion in bringing these products (and future innovations too!) to market will make your life healthier, happier and allow you to lead a more natural and organic lifestyle. We truly believe that we are on a mission to change the world.

Our promise to you is to bring the most authentic and natural oral care products that clean, protect, nourish, combat bio-film, balance your natural pH level in your mouth, and do no harm. Additionally, we use glass eco-friendly bottles to support efficacy of the essential oils, shelf life of our products and improve the environment. We use organic ingredients when they are available. We manufacture our products in the U.S. using domestic and global ingredients.

Mindi Osborn



Mindi’s Story:
“We are truly changing the world for the better!”

When David first flew cross country to come see me about his latest breakthrough, I said “OK David…Now What?”. After successfully partnering with David on his anti-snoring and essential oil sleep solution company that went public, I know David was always pursuing the next big breakthrough that can change, and, in some cases, save relationships and even lives!

When David showed me the ORALOGICA products I was both blown away and pissed! While I was amazed by how the breakthrough technology of mixing the organic essential oils and natural ingredients can dramatically improve one’s oral hygiene and health, I was shocked when I learned that the current tried and true products that everybody uses each have at least one (and many multiple) harmful and toxic chemicals. This even includes the “greenwashed” brands that advertise and claim to be “Natural” or “Organic”.

I became furious when I realized that twice a day for many years I have been actually poisoning myself with products from so called trusted brands. Then I realized what this has done to my family, friends and society at large. I became determined to change this and make lives healthier and hold those that have been manufacturing, selling and/or recommending the products accountable! But, most importantly, I think that it is critical that the public read the ingredients contained in the products they use and research exactly what they are putting in the most absorbent cavity on the body (i.e. the mouth). In other words, they need to be educated so they can make smart decisions. I wanted us to create a website they can use as a resource for their research and we have done just that. Our website contains hundreds of toothpastes and mouthwashes of our competitors. The public can simply click on the oral care products they use and the potentially harmful chemicals will be populated in red. They can then click on any red ingredient and they will be re-directed to the toxicology page on a website called PubChem, a government website, and they will be able to see firsthand what the government’s assessment of that particular chemical is and the damage it may cause. Then, and only then can intelligent decisions be made.

Brad Amrhein

ORALOGICA Chief Clinical Pharmacist


Brad’s Story:
The right ingredients organically mixed the right way

As a passionate clinical pharmacist for over 41 years, my whole life has been dedicated to improving everyone’s life. I’ve had in the back of my mind the notion that the “big pharma” way of health care with all types of chemicals is not that healthy. I have always felt that mankind can be better served with more natural herbs, nutritionals and natural ingredients.

People have generally trusted the ADA seal and the major pharmaceutical brands of oral care products, but David was convinced that there were more natural and organic solutions that did no harm. He approached me to further discuss solutions regarding oral care and get rid of the harmful chemicals in so many of the branded products that are out there. When he and I took a deep dive at the actual ingredients and chemicals in the leading brands, we knew that we were onto something that can dramatically change the world for the better. As a born inventor, David’s passion for essential oils and my passion for natural ways to protect and heal were just the right combination.

We started developing products and realized that there are growing concerns as more people want organic, natural, and safer products, yet there are not enough solutions available in today’s marketplace. Just go to any retail or grocery store and you can see it firsthand. If you examine any type of ingredient in food or everyday products you will find harmful ingredients. As a pharmacist, certain pharmaceuticals are helpful, but in oral care there are better options.

I am convinced of this awakening and passion to get these solutions to make people healthier and get the “crap chemicals” out of all of our lives. There are too many old school inside the box solutions that are not scientifically supported. Our “out of the box” thinking provides for cleaner teeth and fresher breath without the harmful chemicals. Surfactants are harmful ingredients. Our patent pending proprietary solution of mixing the ingredients with the right pH balance without surfactants is a major breakthrough that I am excited to share. We hope that you feel connected to our mission at ORALOGICA as your solution to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Dr. Steven R. Fox

Dr. Fox is a premier dentist in the United States.

He has transformed the smiles of some of the world’s best-known public figures.

“ORALOGICA fills a significant unmet need in oral care: natural and organic mouthwash that is not only effective but enjoyable to use. Many consumers assume there is no alternative to the harsh and heavily marketed options lining the mouthwash aisles. Now with ORALOGICA, the health-minded can avoid the many ingredients used in mainstream brands, and instead harness the many benefits of natural oils, whose efficacy has been known for centuries.”

Dr. Fox, in partnership with the United States Government and the American Dental Association, has developed many of the products used in oral care today. He is nationally and internationally recognized for revolutionizing oral care. These products have eased the burden of dental disease (the most common disease known to mankind), all over the world. Dr. Fox and his team developed 17 patents and patents pending transforming dental care.

He served on the faculties of The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, The NYU School of Dentistry, and as an Officer of Harvard University, Dr. Fox was honored by Senators, with the United States Medal of Freedom and was the recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for developing dental products.

For more information on Dr. Fox please go to www.drstevefox.com.