ORALOGICA is a personal-care product company created from a passion to provide consumers with superior products that are healthy and effective.

Some of ORALOGICA’s competitors have “green washed” their products, meaning that they are falsely claiming that they have addressed consumers concerns and are producing more “natural” and “organic” formulas to address said concerns in spite of the fact that they are still using harmful chemicals. You are smart and you demand truly “organic” products that are safe to use; not one company existing today has been able to meet these demands regardless of their rhetoric. ORALOGICA is the only company in the world that is able to truly satisfy this outcry.

Our mouth rinses are free of harmful chemicals, free of alcohol, free of surfactants and free of artificial flavors and colors.

Our breakthrough technology allows the ORALOGICA products to eliminate all harmful substances currently used in EVERY other mouthwash brand on the market today including those that label themselves “Organic” and “Natural”.

ORALOGICA’s Rinse is packaged in black glass bottles, the only way to maintain the efficacy of essential oils and we are the ONLY one to use glass as its packaging medium.